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  1. A member of the ethnically distinct, short statured nomadic people of southern Africa.
  2. Any a dozen related Khoisan languages spoken by the San.




Shortened from santo.


  1. Saint (title)

Extensive Definition

SAN (acronym) or san may refer to:
In mathematics:
In technology:
In biology:
  • Sinoatrial node, pacemaking tissue in the right atrium of the heart
  • Stochastic Activity Network, stochastic extension to Petri nets
In history:
In fiction:
In geography:
  • San, Mali, a town
  • San River, a river in south-eastern Poland and western Ukraine, the Celt's word (san) means exactly river too.
  • Sydney Adventist Hospital, due to the original name being the Sydney Sanitarium, which was shortened to the word "san".
In organizations and groups:
In transportation:
In Music:
In other languages:
  • the Italian and Spanish word for Saint
  • San (letter), Greek letter between Pi and Qoppa
  • -san, a Japanese title used after a person's name, the equivalent of Mr., Mrs. or Miss. Postfix of polite expressions like "Suzuki-san", "Ichirou-san", or "Suzuki Ichirou-san" to name a personal family name or last name, verbally and literally, generally regardless of position, sex, age, and other factors.
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